I'm bound to survive the zombie apocalypse
when you love something, it doesn't matter how much time, how many sleepless nights, or how much pain goes into it. because if you're willing, you're bound to make something out of it.
that's just the way life goes...
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Tarheel state

I thought this was you at first! girlcakes

Woow…am I really that pretty? Definitely not that thin, though and my tits don’t look like that…but face…I dunno…am I that pretty? XD
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what a beautiful person

And to the introverted theatre kids, public speakers with social anxiety, and florists with allergies. 

Somewhere in the distance, Beethoven’s ghost is applauding.
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I have like 277262 kisses saved up for you

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Skull in a salt lake

Wow that is the highest quality gif I have ever seen!

It looks like I’m actually there
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